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Welcome, to my website.  Please click on my pages  to learn more about me, see some of my quilts and what I have to offer that may be of interest to you – Thanks, Beth Cameron, aka Domestic Goddess


If you were a fan of the show Ally McBeal you will recall that everyone has to have a theme song – I’d decided that ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ is mine.  In a workshop with Mary Sullivan Holdgapher we had to determine our Muse and I had to do a quilt piece that represented me.  This is the resulting quilt with the Jester to represent my Muse – Humour.

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  1. I’m wondering if there is space in the Kaffe Fassett workshop? I have taken a class from Kaffe and Brandon years ago. From that experience I have made a fall “leafy garden” and a pastel “diamond” from Glorious Patchwork. I already own Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.

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