I was born and raised in Manotick and have spent most my life here.  Manotick is a small suburb 15 minutes south of Ottawa and in recent years has become part of greater Ottawa.  I started sewing in my teens and was initially interested in garment sewing.  For a period of about 25 years I made most of my own clothes as well as my Mom’s.

I attended Mount Allison University and majored in Home Economics.  Once I started working full time I pursued a certificate in Visual Arts through Algonquin College’s night school plus I enrolled in many other art related courses.  It was in the early 1990’s that I realized I could combine my love of sewing and art in wall hangings and I have never looked back.

While I have a difficult time parting with some of my creations, as they become very special to me, I have succumbed and sold numerous creations and have also done commissioned work.

Since 2000 I have worked part time local quilt shops teaching classes and also worked as a sales associate.  I refer to it as my non profit job!  You can probably guess why.  I love working with the fabric and seeing what’s new in fabric and patterns.

I served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Quilters Association from 2004-2006 as Membership Director and wrote a regular article for The Canadian Quilter for 10 years.  

My quilts in addition to The Canadian Quilter have appeared in Quilters Newsletter Anniversary Edition,  Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler and in Lark Publications, 500 Traditional Quilts.

In 2013 I started designing patterns for Cantik Batiks, from Contempoary Sewing Materials.

 It would be fair to say that quilting is my all consuming hobby.

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