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  1. Hi Beth:
    Great website. Would you contact me at this email addressl, so we can communicate back and forth? Hi to Ebert.
    Dave Mc.

  2. I’m a new quilter but saw the pattern ‘bordered diamonds’ at the IPM Quilt Show . . . and it looked like something a beginner might be able to handle. I’m in Kitchener-Waterloo – is there a shop here or nearby that I’d be able to get the pattern?

    thanks very much,

    • Hi Donna
      The quilt was inspired by Kaffe Fassett’s book ‘Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilt’. However, I did not use his method. It is a basic bordered diamond pattern. I would suggest you look around in magazines, etc. I understand that Kaffe’s Quilt was also featured in a magazine a while ago. Or even better, if you can find a shop in your area that might be teaching something like it. While the quilt is fairly simple you are dealing with a lot of bias cuts which create their own problems. I used a lot of spray starch and a special diamond ruler to make mine. Too bad you do not live closer to Ottawa as I have been teaching it several places here.
      Good luck. I hope this helps a bit, Beth.

  3. I really love the colourful fabric you used for the water in your Regatta pattern ‘Night Sail’. Could you tell me where you found it?

    • Thanks Chantal. I am afraid that the fabric for the water in Night Sail is from a long time ago – probably over 10 years. The water fabric is the biggest challenge for this pattern – first finding the fabric that gives the impression of water reflection. That water fabric will then tend to dictate the other colours for the sky and sailboats. I did find an interesting fabric recently that I think will make nice water bot is totally different that the previous two. I will post it on my webstie when I get it done. Sorry to have to tell you that the other fabric is no longer available.


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