Designer Butterflies

Designer Butterflies

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2 comments on “QUILT GALLERY II

  1. Hi Beth –

    I’m Janice Shymansky’s sister. She sent me your web page address so I could see your quilts. I live in St. Marys which is not far from Kitchener. If I remember correctly you were in Kitchener recently for a quilt event.

    Your quilts are beautiful. My favorite is Michelle’s Quilt – love the hearts and colors chosen.

    Thanks for letting me drop in.


    • Thanks Marilyn for your comments. I did do a trunk show for the guild in Waterloo recently. What a beautiful area! We really enjoyed our visit and meeting the local quilters guild.

      Michelle’s Quilt was made for my son’s girlfriend. Glad you like it. It is a pretty quilt and fairy easy to make.

      Thanks again for your comments, Beth

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