4 comments on “Bali Back Flip Pattern

  1. I think the quilt is beautiful. I have been trying to find the pattern for this quilt and cannot find one. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks very much.

    Joy Clark
    2420 Alta Vista Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1H 7N1

    • Hi Joy
      I am mucking out my sewing room at the moment and everything is upside down but when I come across the pattern I will try and send along more information. I work part time and teach at the Running Stitch in Kanata and I know if they have the details they will order the pattern for you. I am sure some of the other stores will as well. Be patient, I will try and get more information to you as soon as I come across the pattern. Happy Sewing, Beth

    • Hi Joy – Good News, I hope. I found a pattern last night that looks the same on http://www.craftsy.com. The pattern is called “Mirrored Squares Jelly Roll.” If you Google the name of the pattern (which I tried) it will take you right to the site. Hope I am not too late with this information.

      Beth Cameron

  2. I did find the pattern Catherine but unfortunately there was no information on where it came from. It had been lent to me by a friend. I have a feeling it was free with the purchase of Bali Pops. I was at a quilt show with this friend and I recall her buying some Bali Pops and having a choice of free patterns. I tried searching on the web and there is nothing that comes up. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.


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